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Inks Ranch once part of the Comanche frontier, deeded as part of the Texas Land Grant

Once part of the Comanche frontier, the Inks Ranch is part of a Texas land grant originally deeded to the Mathew Moss for his service in Sherman’s Regiment during the Texas Revolution.  He was at San Jacinto when Mexican Gen. Santa Anna was defeated and captured.  For that service he was given a Head right on the Texas frontier, a league and a labor; 4605 acres of land.  In 1857 Mathew Moss brought his wife, children and more than a hundred head of cattle to southern Llano County.  There they raised nine children and ranched this rugged and rolling tract when the nearby town of Llano was largely a frontier trading post. In 1864 Aaron Firmon Moss was born in Llano County and just two years later his mother died.  In 1875 Mathew Moss died and A F Moss was raised by his older brother Charles and his wife.  At the age of eighteen A F Moss and Charles Moss bought about 30,000 acres of land to expand their cattle operation.  As with most young men of substance on the lonesome frontier, in 1892 A F Moss married Etta Passmore and they had three children Mark, Luke, and Myrtle. By 1897 he and his brother Charles decided to partition their undivided land holdings save for 1200 acres around Enchanted Rock which they continued to hold in common.  

The Moss family continued to buy and sell land throughout the middle of the twentieth century. They were a pioneer family in Llano County.  With A F Moss’s passing in 1946, Mark, Luke and Myrtle Moss continued that tradition into the next generation.  Mark and Luke leased their sister’s land and she married Roy B. Inks. A local business man. They lived in Llano where he was the Ford auto dealer and also served as the unpaid mayor for several terms bringing many improvements to the town.  They raised two children Mildred and Jim Moss Inks.  Roy B. Inks was appointed a Director and charter member of the Lower Colorado River Authority.  He served with distinction until his sudden death in 1935.  The LCRA named Inks Lake and Dam in his honor. After Roy’s passing, the family moved to Austin where both children grew to adulthood. 

The United States entry into WWll saw both Mildred and Jim in flight training.  She, as a WASP, flying new and repaired military aircraft all around behind the lines to where they needed to be; freeing up male pilots to fight on the war fronts.  Jim flew more than forty missions in the European theatre as a navigator, before being shot down behind enemy lines.  He spent nearly 11 months in the hands of the Chetniks in Yugoslavia before being liberated. 

Jim Moss Inks remained in the Air Force, serving in many different missions throughout the world.  He rose to the rank of Lt. Colonial before he retired from the Air force in 1960.  Jim tried his hand at a couple of different careers in Dallas, but his love for his home in the Texas hill country never left him.  He returned to Llano in 1965 to care for his mother and became the next generation of Moss/Inks ranchmen to take over this part of the Moss Ranch landholding. In 1966 the INKS RANCH was born.

Jims uncles, the previous generation of Moss ranchmen were leasing his mothers’ land and when the leases expired, Inks Ranch acquired polled Hereford cattle and exotic game hunting already in place.  Through the years we have phased out the Hereford cattle for Angus cross bred cattle and the exotic animals have been free ranging for more than fifty years. Jim also sold real estate and was active in civic affairs in Llano.  Jim Moss Inks had two children, Roy B. Inks ll and Suzanne Inks.

Inks Ranch LP was formed in 1983 to manage the various parts of the ranch operations.  In 2004, Roy B Inks ll took over as managing partner of Inks Ranch LP.  Roy retired from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department with 28 years of public service.  He worked in the Regional Office as the Operations and Maintenance Supervisor for most of the hill country parks at one time or another, including Inks Lake and Enchanted Rock. Petey has been a Cosmetologist in both Kerrville and Llano and between them they have raised four children to adulthood; Robert, Robyn, Tiffany and Brandi.  They now have 6  grandchildren. In addition to raising kids and grandkids they continue to raise Angus cross bred cattle, hunt white tail deer and exotic Black Buck antelope, Barbary and Mouflon sheep, Fallow and Axis deer. Inks Ranch has also joined with Jeep Jamboree USA to allow limited access to jeeps for rock crawling and gentle off road activities.  From the trails atop of Watch Mountain one can look out over much of the 30.000 acres once owned by Charles and Aaron Moss, including Enchanted Rock.

Enchanted Rock is a massive dome of solid granite that can be seen from the Jeep trails, once you've ascended Watch Mountain. It's easy to see why Enchanted Rock was once famed in Indian legends and used as a lookout and rallying point: it's now a State Park, of 640 acres and the 500-foot-tall dome. Along with other nearby historic towns and landmarks, some listed in the National Historic Registry, it attracts many visitors to the region.

Today, Llano is called the Deer Capital of Texas, with the density of deer in the Llano Basin pegged as the highest in the nation. It's here; nestled among granite domes, live oaks, and rolling hills that Roy and Petey Inks have made the 2,500-acre Inks Ranch their home. Today known for tourism, the Texas Hill Country was declared "the No. 1 vacation spot in the nation" by the New York Times, in 2008. Reflecting the origins of the pioneers who first settled the area, the region has a fusion of Spanish, Mexican, German, Swiss, Austrian, Alsatian, and Czech influences in food, drink, and atmosphere. The local area has also now become a wine-growing area as well.





Inks Ranch raises mostly Black Angus. Inks Ranch raises Black Angus on their ranch in Llano TexasBlack Angus cattle are definitely unique animals when compared with a traditional cow or bul­l you might see hanging around farm pastures across the United States. They're hardy and simple to rear, and can be sold for market purposes after two years.

Certified Angus Beef standards were developed in 1978 in order to indicate a particular level of marbling, tenderness, age and color for the meat that qualified for the Angus Beef label. Angus Beef is known for its finely marbled meat, which means that the fat is dispersed evenly against the actual cut of meat. This marbling trait of Angus cattle typically creates a more tender, juicy and flavorful meat than other breeds.

Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting  INKS RANCH  Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting 
Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting  Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting  Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting 
Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting  Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting   Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting
 Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting   Inks Ranch Exotics Hunting

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Hot Air Ballooning at Inks Ranch HOt Air Ballooning
inks Ranch
Hot Air Ballooning over Inks Ranch

Inks Ranch contains trails with ratings ranging from six to nine

Jeep Jamboree at Inks Ranch

The Jeep Jamboree is held twice a year at the inks ranch in Llano County

Jeep Jamboree at Inks Ranch Many of the trails spiral around and ascend Watch Mountain's 300-foot wall of granite. Jeep Jamboree at Inks Ranch
OWNERS - Inks Ranch, LLP

Managing partner - Roy B. Inks

Hunt Coordinator - Elizabeth "Petey" inks


Mailing - p. o. box 111, llano, texas 78643

physical - 380 inks ranch road, llano, Texas 78643


toll free - 877.247.5011

local - 325.247.5011

Roy's cell - 512.466.9570

Petey's cell - 830.285.2100


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